Is it possible to keep a relationship at a distance and how to do it

How to cope with business trips, studying abroad and, of course, a pandemic when you are facing a long separation. What is the complexity of such a relationship In fact, there can be many problems. Here are the main ones….

By Cindy
November 22, 2020

7 rules of office romance

How to follow your heart and at the same time remain professional. When people regularly spend time together, a romantic relationship will inevitably develop between them. Back in the late 1960s, social psychologists discovered that we tend to find attractive…

By Cindy
November 19, 2020

15 tips that hurt relationships

Don’t move in before the wedding, make your partner jealous, and always tell the truth if you want to ruin everything. Try to sort things out less often Daily squabbles over and without, of course, a wake-up call. But being…

By Cindy
November 17, 2020

No secrets: is it ok to read your partner’s correspondence

If you’re convinced that there is no room for anything personal in a relationship, we have bad news for you. Secretly checking messages in messengers, social networks or partner’s e-mail is not an innocent prank, but a violation of personal…

By Cindy
November 16, 2020

How to share household chores to avoid quarrels and not ruin your family

Be fair and compromise. What’s the problem? The phrase about a love boat that crashed about everyday life is not just a cliché. Almost a third of families have serious quarrels over the distribution of household responsibilities. 8% of them…

By Cindy
November 14, 2020

5 ways to test your relationship without moving out

Travel, counseling, and other opportunities to make sure you truly fit together. It would seem that living together before the wedding is a good way to understand whether the two of you are comfortable, whether you are coping with common…

By Cindy
November 13, 2020

Tips for newlyweds, written in 1920, but still relevant today

These simple truths will probably never get old. So you just got married and you’re happy. Life seems like honey, and gentlemen Joy and Fun have settled in the house and have become your faithful companions. Now prick up your…

By Cindy
November 12, 2020

Signs of a strong and healthy relationship

Try to analyze your relationship according to these criteria and figure out if things are going so smoothly in your couple. Signs of a healthy relationship You have common values In a relationship, you can and sometimes even need to…

By Cindy
November 11, 2020

5 ways to maintain interest in your partner

Love doesn’t have to die after three years or even later. One of the main questions that strong couples care about is how to maintain attraction for each other over the years? Unfortunately, the sex appeal of a partner in…

By Cindy
November 10, 2020

Several reasons to be happy if a woman earns more than a man

If a wife’s high salary becomes a problem, her sources should not be sought in numbers. There are at least a million texts in the world on the topic “What to do if a woman earns more than a man”….

By Cindy
November 9, 2020

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