Tips for newlyweds, written in 1920, but still relevant today

These simple truths will probably never get old.

So you just got married and you’re happy. Life seems like honey, and gentlemen Joy and Fun have settled in the house and have become your faithful companions.

Now prick up your ears and listen to the wisdom that I want to convey to you. It will not be much – just a small fraction, which is easy to learn, remember and apply in practice. So take your eyes shining with happiness from each other and listen carefully.

  1. You will have problems because you are human. As the Holy Scripture says, a person is born for suffering, like sparks in order to rush upward.
  2. Happiness won’t last forever. There will be tears, worries and possibly broken hearts. You will walk from corner to corner in the room or you will not be able to close your tear-stained eyes all night, staring at the ceiling, as happened with your parents or grandparents.
  3. When the time comes, remember only one invaluable wisdom: never let any problem come between you.

The most important thing here is between you. All the troubles of the world will not bother you as long as they are outside. None of the enemies you have will harm or hurt if they cannot stand between you.

There will be disappointments, bereavements, sweet illusions will collapse, failures, regrets, mistakes, anger and resentment will occur. And you can resist all of this – even sevenfold – if you hold on to each other and do not allow a single misfortune to seep between your hearts.

  1. Be partners. And let each of you promise never to conclude a peace treaty with the enemy without the consent of the other.
  2. You should not have secrets from each other. Create your secret society right now and swear allegiance to it. It is only you, and the rest of the world – and even your beloved mother-in-law – are not included there.
  3. Be careful with a close friend to whom you tell anything about your chosen one. Friends have broken more alliances than anyone else. Become each other’s best friends.
  4. Gossip about others, complain about someone and tell what you want – to each other. But never start such conversations about your companion with someone else. Remember: three is a terrible and huge number when it comes to married people. The corners of such an eternal triangle are sharp and poisonous.
  5. When difficulties come, even financial ones – poverty or debt – just hug each other as tightly as possible. And you can laugh about it together.
  6. Do not let the most critical and difficult periods in your life separate you. Do not allow your children to do this when they appear, because this happens sometimes.
  7. Remember one simple thing, write it down and hang it on the wall: there are adversities in this world, but they will not darken your life if they do not come between you.

You have vowed to love one another in grief and joy, until death do you part. So do it!

By Cindy
November 12, 2020

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