Doctors made a statement on children’s antibodies to COVID-19

Children usually have mild form of coronavirus due to the peculiarities of their immune system.

Children’s body produces not very strong antibodies after the infection. But, at the same time, children are less likely to get infected again. Such conclusion was made by Colombian doctors. They connect such phenomenon with the peculiarities of children’s immunity. Children need less time to recover after the COVID-19, compare to adults. Moreover, the risk of side effect is also lower.

Scientists conducted a study with 32 adults and 47 children. It was found that children had weak reaction on the infection. At the same time, they had several times less antibodies than adults with mild form of coronavirus.

Doctors said that the immune system have to react actively in case of severe COVID-19 form. The body needs many immune cells to neutralize the infection. As children’s body neutralizes the infection quickly, the disease doesn’t harm them as much as adults. Moreover, children don’t need strong immune response and huge number of antibodies.

Specialists also added that children rarely transmit the pathogen massively. It is easily explained by short term of infection.

By Cindy
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November 21, 2020

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