The first COVID-19 patient in Britain can’t get rid of the disease consequences

Joan Rogers was infected long before the British authorities had recognized the virus. Today, she still suffers from the disease consequences.

Joan is 51. Firstly, doctors diagnosed pneumonia with complications. But in time, COVID-19 test system confirmed the infection.

Firstly, she had flu symptoms, but her condition was worsening daily. Joan called the doctor and finally was hospitalized, but by this time, she wasn’t able to breath without a ventilator.

She was treated as she had a pneumonia. Doctors believed she couldn’t have a COVID-19 as she didn’t leave the country. At the same time, doctors believed she could fight the disease.

After the recovery, Joan decided to test herself on COVID-19. She came to the testing center where specialists found antibodies in her body. It became clear that she was infected with coronavirus.

Despite the recovery, Joan still suffers from the COVID-19 consequences. She fells weakness, her muscles constantly ache from January 2020. No one can say how long she will be suffering.

Today, Joan Rogers is called to be the first coronavirus patient in Britain.  

By Cindy
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November 14, 2020

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