10 mistakes that kill relationships

You just entered into an interesting correspondence or went on a first date, and suddenly the contender for the title of the second half no longer responds. The question immediately arises: what was wrong? Relationship experts list several possible reasons.

  1. You don’t take good care of yourself

This includes bad breath, body odor, and other signs of poor hygiene – in general, anything that immediately alienates other people from you.

If you don’t practice good hygiene, others will draw far-reaching conclusions about your relationship habits. After all, if you don’t have the time, energy, or inclination to take care of yourself, then why would you care about another?

  1. You criticize or try to control

People don’t like being told what to do, especially at the beginning of a relationship. It looks too presumptuous.

In general, negativity and criticism at the beginning is not at all what attracts people. They love the opposite: positivity and compliments!

  1. You are emotionally in need

People don’t like to constantly support those who cannot support them.

  1. You are overly emotional

People also do not like to constantly think that you can be inadvertently hurt.

  1. You are illiterate

According to a 2013 survey of 5,000 people, grammar knowledge is one of the first things people pay attention to when choosing a pair.

Poor grammar suggests that a potential partner has poor education or does not consider it necessary at all.

  1. You are not sure of yourself

The same survey showed that confidence is an important factor when choosing a partner.

People who are unsure of themselves are often characterized by anxiety and low psychological stability.

  1. You have bad teeth

The respondents to this survey also reported that they pay attention to the teeth of a potential partner. If they are not all right, then he is on a poor diet or has health problems.

  1. You are too self-centered

People who think only of themselves are bad partners because they don’t care about the other’s feelings. In addition, they are often careless and selfish in bed.

A healthy relationship is about reciprocity where the needs of each partner are important. No one wants to constantly be just another person’s spectator.

  1. You are a pessimist

Of course, the relationship should be a safe place where partners can share their concerns. But some people get too zealous about it, focus on the negative and end up being a burden to others.

Especially in the early stages of a relationship, we must share positive, mutually reinforcing experiences that strengthen the bond and prepare us to face future challenges. If one person uses the relationship as a dumping ground for bad emotions, then the other has no reason to continue.

  1. You are contemptuous

Contempt is expressed in the fact that one of the partners feels superior to the other and begins to behave simply disgusting. He harshly points out the flaws of the other or throws expressive glances, ridicule and passive-aggressive remarks – by and large demonstrates toxic behavior.

Contempt is the opposite of kindness. Despising is like pouring acid on love and killing relationships.

And what can put out your spark when you meet? Share your answer in the comments.

By Cindy
November 21, 2020

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