About Cindy

Hello! My name is Cindy and this is my blog.

I want to tell a little about myself and about the goals that I pursue when addressing you.

In my environment there are a lot of amazing, smart, bold and at the same time lonely girlfriends and friends. Why all? It’s just because men and women are from different planets. They absolutely do not understand each other, it is difficult for them to get along with each other and just accept each other.

I myself have been going for a very long time to find the ideal young man for myself. I had to change myself, my habits. As long as he had to do the same for me.

And in the end, I came to the fact that I want to share my experience and observations with men, I want to help you find the perfect girl and tell you about your most common mistakes, so that your relationships bring you only joy, and not become a battlefield.

So, come in, read and collect wisdom. Good luck to you!

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