Europe faced new, more dangerous COVID-19 strain

Scientists found out that now Europeans are infected with new coronavirus strain, which is considered to be more dangerous than the previous one. The mutation came from Spain, according to the preliminary data.

Scientists believe that the new strain in the reason of the new COVID-19 wave in Europe. 80% of people in Britain, 60% in Ireland, 40% in France and Switzerland are infected with the new coronavirus strain.

This new mutation is called 20A.EU1 and have six genome differences, compare to the first SARS.

Scientists haven’t seen such strain before, so, today, the main task is to study it and find out its speed of transmission and infectiousness. Scientists believe that the new strain was brought from Spain by tourists. It is important to note, that these data are preliminary and specialists have to prove them.

During the infection people face new symptoms and consequences, some of them are serious. For example, brain disorders. This affects the brain badly. Thus, the brain ages over 10 years and IQ reduces by 8.5 points.

By Cindy
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November 15, 2020

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