The infection of only one organ doubles the risk of death from COVID-19

The statistics say that people with affected kidneys die in 50% of infection cases, while people with other diseases – in 21% of all cases.  Thus, the kidney disease increases the risk of COVID-19 death.

People with kidney disease and COVID-19 have to be under strict surveillance in the hospital as they are considered to be the main risk group. Such conclusion was made by the scientists of Imperial College London.

People with kidney disease have to consult the doctor as soon as they notice COVID-19 symptoms as the immediate response may reduce the risk of death, says the specialist from Imperial College London.

Scientists also concluded that a fifth of all patients after recovery from COVID-19 needed a kidney recovery. This means that the virus affects kidneys significantly.

It is still unknown why the kidney disease increases the death risk. Perhaps, such fatal consequences are connected with negative affection of coronavirus on human body in general, not just on kidneys. Now, scientists conduct a new study on this phenomenon.    

By Cindy
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November 10, 2020

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