Scientists named five dire COVID-19 consequences for the human body

For a long time, scientists have been studying COVID-19 consequences. So, the scientists concluded that there are side effects that affect not only physical, but also mental health. Some scientists believe that there may be even critical mental disorders.

At the beginning, people wanted to get infected as soon as possible to get the immunity. Today, it is well-known that herd immunity isn’t developing. But the strain provoked a lot of problems in human body.

After the infection people start to feel uncontrolled anxiety and stress. Many people face brain disorders: the virus leads to long-term cognitive impairment. The virus’s influence may be compared with brain aging. IQ’s level is also reducing.

COVID-19 attacks the lungs above all. Experts concluded that severe form of the disease leads to disability. Moreover, 56% of infected people have lungs problems even after the recovery.

The virus also attacks the immune system: it stops to work or, on the contrary, starts to react on all body changes. In the first case a person becomes vulnerable to many diseases. In the second case the person has inflammations throughout the body. Such activity is common in children and, in some cases, in adults.  

By Cindy
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November 20, 2020

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