Korean authorities warn: “yellow dust” with COVID-19 particles goes from China to North Korea

On Korean State Central Television (KCTV), authorities called for citizens to stay at home as the “yellow dust” which may contain coronavirus particles, goes from China.

The streets of Pyongyang were already empty on Thursday. The state says that there’s no COVID-19 in the country, but still, all systems are ready for its appearance. Anyway, borders and any movement are closed to prevent the problem.

“Yellow dust” is a mix of sand from China and Mongolia. Scientists haven’t proved that COVID-19 transmission and dust are connected in any way. But Turkmenistan declares that mass infection began with the infected dust.

North Korea decided to take measures. American scientists noted that the pathogen remains in the air for just several hours. This, the dust can’t be the way of infection transmission and close contact with the infected person remains the main way of getting infected.

The world’s community doesn’t believe that COVID-19 bypassed North Korea. It is possible, that the authorities quickly disposed of infected people. Anyway, North Koreans are staying home, fearing yellow dust and possible infection.

By Cindy
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November 12, 2020

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