Signs of a strong and healthy relationship

Try to analyze your relationship according to these criteria and figure out if things are going so smoothly in your couple.

Signs of a healthy relationship

  1. You have common values

In a relationship, you can and sometimes even need to accept some differences. You can have different political views; meet with an atheist, being a deeply religious person; evaluate the work of Madonna or Justin Bieber differently.

Perhaps the most important thing is to look in one direction and share the key life principles. It’s also great to have similar views on how family relationships should be built.

  1. You respect each other

Mutual respect is the key to a long and successful relationship. You do not manipulate the feelings of your partner, but go towards each other, without trying to teach the other life.

Never, anywhere and under any pretext, do not look into someone else’s mobile. Leave this Pandora’s Box closed and sleep soundly.

  1. You bring out the best in each other, not the worst.

In my previous relationships, I was constantly made aware that I was not living up to expectations. At some point, I almost believed that I couldn’t do anything, I began to mentally add the prefix “under” to all my actions and qualities.

A normal relationship is built on mutual respect (see point №2), where two people help each other grow and develop, but don’t force them to change under pressure.

Change is an important, positive and rewarding part of life, but you need to be willing to change yourself. In a healthy relationship, you both grow and develop as individuals, rather than becoming the object of constant judgment and criticism from your partner.

  1. You like to have fun together

You also need to be able to have fun together. I must admit: all people are different, everyone has their own understanding of fun. It is important that your vision of a good get-together coincides with the opinion of your partner and that both enjoy the process. Someone loves noisy parties and wild dances, while others are much nicer to the idea of ​​becoming members of an intellectual club.

  1. You can count on a partner in a difficult situation

Life is not an easy thing, and sometimes we all find ourselves in a difficult situation. In a correct and healthy relationship, you should see a support in your partner that will not be afraid and will not run away from difficulties.

Your partner is a friend and ally. He is ready to be there, to help in difficult times, and not only to share moments of joy and universal fun with you.

  1. You care about each other

Caring for your neighbor is a normal human need. In a healthy relationship, you want to love and be loved. You not only take, but also give easily, without demanding or expecting anything in return.

To love is to find your own happiness in the happiness of another.

And you also want to share everything. If you find yourself in a cool place alone, then you will definitely think: “It’s a pity that my half is not around, it would be great to share this experience.”

  1. You trust your partner and feel calm.

Total control is more suitable for the army. In a healthy relationship, you do not require a minute-by-minute report on everything, but trust each other and, just as importantly, confident in yourself.

In a normal relationship, you do not waste your time analyzing incomprehensible actions of your partner and looking for hidden meanings in conversations with friends, but you feel calm and can do your business fruitfully.

  1. You talk to each other

Communication is an important element of a healthy relationship. You do not think it over, but ask directly and voice your desires, not trying to pathologically avoid conflict. People do not read minds and may simply not know that you are missing something. You understand this perfectly, so do not hesitate to ask your partner about what is important to you. And you can not only speak, but also listen.

  1. You are comfortable being silent together.

Talking about interesting topics is really cool, but sometimes it’s more important to be able to keep quiet together. In a healthy relationship, you feel comfortable just being around. You do not try to fill in all the pauses that have arisen with unnecessary words and do not get tired of each other if you do not utter a word.

  1. You have your own life outside of relationships.

You really love to be with your soul mate, but at the same time you remain a self-sufficient person with your own interests and hobbies outside the relationship. It’s great to spend time apart sometimes, to have your friends and your favorite activities.

In a healthy relationship, you don’t try to fill all of your partner’s free time with yourself, but allow him to have his own interests that you do not judge, but respect.

  1. You have a similar daily routine

In a normal relationship, you managed to adjust to the other’s biorhythms without harming your own health and mood. If you are an early riser and your partner is an owl and no one wants to change their habits, this can become a problem over time.

In a healthy relationship, you managed to negotiate and find a balance so both of you feel comfortable.

  1. You are a team

You always take your partner’s side, at least in public. Of course, in private, you can always voice what you really think and why your partner acted imprudently or too harshly, but in public you learned to play in the same team.

  1. You can speak to your partner in his love language

Sometimes it is important to see the world through the eyes of another person. All people have different needs, and that’s okay. You have learned to understand what is really important to your partner, and you know how to give him exactly what he needs, and not you. For example, it is important for someone to hear approving words of support. In this case, you know how to praise a person’s talents, whether it be a virtuoso violin playing or the ability to get along with your mother.

  1. You have sex

It’s good, you want it. Together.

What if all this is not about your couple

Sometimes you have to be patient. Of course, you shouldn’t change your partner every time you run into difficulties. In all honesty, it’s hard to imagine that you can immediately see your soul mate in a stranger and start trusting the most intimate.

Human relationships are work that requires patience, effort and time. This is a complex, but extremely interesting process, which is more correctly compared to a joint trip than arriving at a destination.

Remember: a healthy relationship is not a battle where there is competition and one side will win at some point. You are a team, which means that you work together, because you have a common goal.

Love is when it is difficult around, but you two are easy.

By Cindy
November 11, 2020

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