Virologist told where new aggressive mutations COVID-19 may come from

People cannot avoid new aggressive mutations of the coronavirus, experts are sure. Already in some countries, the virus changes its shape, becoming more infectious. The most dangerous changes in the strain will occur in animals.

In animal bodies, the coronavirus is more likely to mutate. The strain is more likely to start infecting animals. When this happens, a real apocalypse will begin, as the virus will begin to mutate in the bodies of different creatures very quickly.

The human body is not very suitable for significant changes in Covid-19, so during the year there were no special changes in the course of the infection. If the virus suddenly switches to animals, then the incidence rate will increase significantly, and the strain itself will become much more infectious and dangerous.

The acquisition of aggressive forms of mutation is possible only in the presence of a large number of carriers. So far, the main carrier is a person, so the danger of coronavirus in general remains at the same level. With the release of vaccines, the strain will have no choice but to switch to animals.

Theoretically, unwanted mutations in SARS-CoV-2 are currently possible, but their appearance is unlikely due to the low rate of change of the virus itself. The flu, for example, adapts better and mutates faster.

The whole world is waiting for the release of vaccines in order to forever forget about the restrictions and, in general, about the risks that Covid-19 is fraught with. There is still a long way to go before a complete victory over coronavirus Only then can we talk about the defeat of the strain, when there will be no more than 1000 cases per day, the specialist summed up.

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November 11, 2020

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