The death rate from the COVID-19 in Europe will grow: new prediction

WHO claimed that the number of deaths in Europe from coronavirus may increase 5 times compared to the rate of April 2020.

According to Hans Kluge, WHO Director for the European Region, the number of infected people rapidly grows, when the death rate has drastically decreased. This is easily explained due to the mass testing of young people, who are the carriers of the disease.

The situation may change soon. People will be isolated and the death rate will increase 4-5 times. The predictions, which are based on the epidemiological models are not optimistic at all. This scenario may come true in January 2021. When everything will become normal is still unknown.

WHO recommends not to hesitate with a strict quarantine, depending on the situation. The quarantine is needed nearly in all European countries. It is the only way to stop the pandemic. It won’t go away by itself. Simple precautions, including wearing masks and washing hands, may save 281,000 lives in 53 countries.

The worst is just ahead. The new wave will drag until spring. Thus, a lot of people start to buy food and essential goods. The vaccines will be ready be the summer 2021.

By Cindy
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November 8, 2020

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