16 signs of a truly intimate relationship

Relationships are not when your status on the social network has changed, but something more serious.

  1. You laugh at some jokes

True, no one but you laughs at them, because they do not understand what the salt is. These jokes appeared somewhere between the kitchen and the bedroom, when someone got confused in one sock, and someone remembered a children’s joke. It is useless to explain to others, because all experiences are too personal, and the associations are random, but you two are still funny.

  1. You have a secret language

No, no, it’s not about what you call each other. When you talk about something of your own, other people cannot understand you: the words seem to be familiar, and the sentences do not add up. Of course, everything is clear to you.

  1. You understand each other, even if it is impossible to understand

I urgently need this one, where is it?

Well, where that is.

Oh, exactly, here!

Usually, an attack of tongue-tiedness occurs when the head is busy with super important thoughts and there is no time to remember the name of some thing. But you two don’t need it, everything is clear without words.

  1. YouTube invites you to watch some strange videos

Where is the My Empty Bottles list? What other spruce seed porridge? Who again watched all these strange videos from your computer?

  1. And you watch them

Because I wonder what your half was thinking when you opened the link.

  1. You are listening to this story for the hundredth time

The story of how the younger brother spent the change from the last dollar on candy and distributed them to the entire yard, obviously, greatly influenced the partner if he constantly remembers it. And you listen for the hundredth time, as for the first time.

  1. You know more about childhood friends than they know

When you are introduced to Jason (you remember, I told you?), You immediately understand what to expect from this acquaintance.

  1. You stopped noticing that you are replacing “I” with “we”

“Our cat”, “We woke up”, “We didn’t expect this” … In general, not worse than the parents of small children. But who said it was bad?

  1. You can tell everything. Indeed everything

And freely talk about things that are not customary to mention “in a decent society”, because the person with whom you are next understands and accepts you completely and completely.

  1. You often talk about a loved one

But not because you go crazy with love, but because most of the stories about your life are stories of joint adventures. You spend a lot of time around, so no surprise.

  1. You know each other’s everyday habits and tastes

Therefore, do not buy vanilla shower gel (it must be raspberry) or a fragrance in the car with the smell of pine needles (because you need coffee and nothing else), do not offer pasta for dinner (because in the evenings there are only vegetables) and you will listen to rap in headphones.

  1. You know a lot about things that you are not interested in.

For example, list a dozen Jedi, although you don’t like Star Wars, tell us which soldering iron to choose and why, although you didn’t hold it yourself, or quote a poem, although you don’t like poetry. Your hobbies and interests are different with your loved one, but you are always ready to listen with curiosity to what they say to you.

  1. You bought a second blanket

Passion has not faded away, and love has not gone anywhere, but suddenly it turned out that you can sleep together and not share a blanket, enjoying the rest the way you like best.

  1. You know your loved one’s schedule.

Therefore, when you are invited to a party on Thursday, you refuse: the half has an important presentation on Friday, so you need to sleep on Thursday.

  1. You already visit separately

Because you met all the friends of the halves and you understand in what company it will be boring. But not to lock the house of a loved one?

  1. You have terrible compromising evidence

Yes, you saw those baby photos with a naked bottom and you know who ate from a cat’s bowl at the age of six months. Your grandmother has already told you everything.

By Cindy
November 8, 2020

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