What is showmansing and why you shouldn’t flaunt your relationship

Another problem that appeared thanks to the Internet.

What is showmansing

Showmansing is literally a showcase of a relationship. Initially, the term was applied only to stars and media personalities who declared love and parting publicly and willingly posed for photographers with their couples. But with the widespread use of social media, anyone can be a showman.

You probably yourself have often come across cute, romantic or even frankly sugary photos of happy couples in the feed. People show subscribers and the world how they go on dates and celebrate important dates, how they give each other gifts and be affectionate with each other. They announce the move, wedding and pregnancy, talk about quarrels and divorces. Even quite intimate moments are captured in the frame: kisses and hugs, breakfasts in bed, home dances in sheets, tears and squabbles.

Showmansing, that is, the public demonstration of one’s relationship and feelings, is described as another strange modern trend, like bradcrambing or ghosting. But this trend, unlike others, is at least sometimes followed by almost everyone who has a page on the social network.

Why people talk about their personal lives

  1. They live on social networks

Those who actively manage their pages quickly get used to fixing every step in posts and Stories. Show the world how you kiss a loved one, or, conversely, cry about a quarrel also becomes something commonplace.

  1. They want to show off and create jealousy

On social networks, every second, if not the first, does this. Some boast about houses, cars and branded things, some – career success, travel or a great figure, and some – perfect relationships. People want to be admired and to make their life look exceptional against the general background.

  1. They want to rub their nose with ex-partners

And what could be better than showing that you do not suffer at all because of the breakup, but, on the contrary, are happy in a new relationship?

  1. They can’t hold back their emotions

When you are in love and happy, you want to shout about it to the whole world.

What showmenning is fraught with

There is nothing terrible about telling everyone about your relationship. Yes, someone may be annoyed by your happy faces, hugs and pair of T-shirts, but they clearly do not bring harm. True, with a public demonstration of feelings, it is still better not to overdo it. And that’s why.

  1. You are distracted

If half of your date or vacation is spent shooting Stories or filtering your photos, the relationship won’t do the trick. It is better to enjoy communication with your loved one, and not stick in your smartphone.

  1. You worry about what others will think

How many likes you got, what they wrote in the comments, does your couple look impressive enough? If there is little attention and compliments, you get upset or even doubt the choice of a partner. If, on the contrary, there are a lot, then you start chasing likes and inundating social networks with touching posts and joint photos.

  1. You follow each other

Carefully monitor your partner’s social networks and start worrying and drawing the wrong conclusions if the content does not meet your expectations.

“Why am I constantly writing about him, but he does not tell anything about me and does not upload joint pictures? Is he ashamed of me? “
“What stupid hashtag did she come up with for me? She doesn’t seem to take me seriously… “
“Hmm, why is it, I wonder, her ex likes our photos?”
Most often, such “fortune-telling by avatar” only adds conflicts and frustrations, but does not reflect reality at all.

  1. You compare yourself to other couples.

“Her husband builds a house himself, but mine can’t even nail a shelf.”
“His wife prepares three-course dinners, and we always order ready meals!”

Someone else’s life, passed through filters, looks ideal and unattainable, causes envy and annoyance. People begin to worry that their love is not as happy and harmonious as that of their friends or Internet acquaintances, they gnaw themselves and their partners, provoke quarrels.

But there is no template for ideal relationships: each couple builds life and communication in their own way. What is good for some will not suit others at all. And it’s better to focus on your needs, and not on pretty pictures from social networks.

If you really want to legalize the relationship as soon as possible, or it is important for your partner to pay more attention to the house (repair, cooking), you should discuss this with him and look for a compromise. And if you just caught the mood “they have it, and I want it too,” it is better to exhale and focus on those positive moments that are present in your couple.

By Cindy
November 7, 2020

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