Wuhan’s hospitals admitted patients with COVID-19 symptoms in September 2019

Hospitals in Wuhan started to admit people with COVID-19 symptoms in September 2019. This is several months before the official announcement of pandemic.

In the revealed documents experts found that at least one patient was recovered. Most likely, COVID-19 wasn’t diagnosed. Dozens of people were hospitalized with similar symptoms within the month.

In October, Wuhan’s hospitals reported on several deaths due to severe pneumonia. The infection affected lungs and other organs. But only on December 31, 2019 Chinese authorities reported on the dangerous virus. They did it only after some doctors asked the support through social media.

National investigation team set up by the central government studied earlier cases of infection. Wuhan hospitals got a request for all patients from October to December. Nine hospitals admitted the majority of patients.

Three hospitals reported on nine deaths due to the disease similar to coronavirus. In total, 40 patients were hospitalized with suspicion on COVID-19.

Today, despite all proved evidence, it is believed that the first COVID-19 infected was a man Chan, who was infected on December 8, 2019. It is still unknown whether the truth will be revealed in the nearest future.

By Cindy
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November 6, 2020

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