Hair loss and hearing loss: new unusual COVID-19 symptoms

Common COVID-19 symptoms are well-known. The main are high temperature, cough, smell and taste loss, breathing problems. But after numerous observations, doctors called other symptoms.

Experts from King’s College London announced that symptoms can differ significantly in children and adults. Additional symptoms include the following:

Hair loss. The hairline begins to thin out strongly. It can be connected both with the virus and stress that people experience during the disease.

Anxiety and confusion. Some patients reported that they feel anxiety and don’t know how to calm down. In some cases, people begin to delirium. Confusion was diagnosed in 36% of infected people in China.

Eye problems. Eyes are one of ways people get infected. Infected people face conjunctivitis. By the way, this symptom is quite common.

Stomach problems. Virus leads to indigestion and abdominal pain.

Skin. In 9% of cases people face skin rashes. As a rule, rush is common in infected children. Most likely on arms and legs.

Headache. 62% of patients faced this problem. The headache is the result of high blood pressure, stress and emotional disorder.

Hearing loss. This symptom appears after the recovery. If there’s no full hearing loss, people feel different tinnitus.

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November 5, 2020

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