Iranian prophet said that billion people could die of COVID-19

The second wave of COVID-19 has come. According to different predictions, it’s going to be more dangerous than the first one.

Today, more that 40 million people are infected, 1,11 million are dead. The death rate isn’t very high, but according to the prediction of Iranian prophet, the virus will kill half of the world’s population. At least several billion of people will die. And it is quite an optimistic prediction.

The virus is actively spreading throughout the world and also mutates. The prophet noted that this is the way God punishes people.

Scientists say that there’s no real reasons to panic as there are 10 vaccines that now are undergoing clinical trials. Some of them will be effective and will be able to stop the virus.

People successfully survive the whole year. There’s no evidence that something is going to chance unless the virus mutates. Specialists noted that people will be able to get back to the normal life by the end of 2021, when all countries will carry out vaccination.  

By Cindy
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November 4, 2020

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