Experimental coronavirus vaccine caused unknown disease in volunteer

Johnson & Johnson announced that clinical trials of their coronavirus vaccine will be temporarily stopped. The reason is new unknown disease that appeared in one volunteer. The company didn’t give any other comments.

Scientist, who was involved in trials, was firstly afraid that the reason was in serious neurological problems. It is worth to note that these trials were the main measure of pandemic detention.

The company also said that infected volunteer is now under strict surveillance of independent panel. Also, doctors and safety specialists take part in clinical trials. It was said that such pauses are normal during clinical trials, especially, when a lot of volunteers are involved.

In September, the American company J&J said that an experimental coronavirus vaccine caused strong immune response in both early and mid-stage. The company didn’t give any comments as its representatives adhere to the privacy policy.

By Cindy
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November 2, 2020

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