Experts said how long we will be using protective masks

Scientists noted that protective mask is the best protection without any alternative. Sone experts believe that even after mass vaccination people will continue to wear masks.

American authorities continue to call people for wearing protective masks in all public places. It is necessary for safety.

Today masks give us more guarantees than vaccination as the vaccine is effective only in 70%. Another 30% of people are resistant to the vaccine. Such people continue to infect another people without knowing it.

Another case – vaccine deficiency. Firstly, there will be a shortage of doses so that people will continue to wear masks. People from the risk groups will get the vaccine first. In theory, infection is possible after the first dose of the vaccine, so wearing a mask is obligatory.

Experts still don’t know how to develop the immunity in this 30%. If the vaccine cannot be improved, then people will have to continue wearing masks. No vaccine in the world has been 100% effective. So, the virus will continue to spread, if people stop to wear masks.

It is worth to note that scientists don’t know how long the vaccine will be effective. It may be short-term. And in this case masks will sage us from the new pandemic.

By Cindy
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November 1, 2020

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