COVID-19 vaccine won’t get us back to normal life

British scientists concluded that even the most effective vaccine won’t abandon quarantine measures. The world hopes to get back to normal life in spring 2021, as all companies have to release their vaccines that are being tested now. But scientists noted that the vaccine won’t cancel quarantine.

Specialists also believe that gradual relief of quarantine is needed, but without its full abolition as the vaccination will take at least one year and it will take more time for poor countries to get the vaccines. Some predictions say that very small percentage of people will be able to get the vaccine this year. Also, there’s no talk of getting back to normal life.

Specialists are worried about the speed of vaccine distribution. Not many countries will be able to get the proper number of vaccines and start mass vaccination, so, we can’t talk about the end of the pandemic.

By Cindy
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October 31, 2020

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