Serious consequences of even mild form of Covid-19 named

In the course of numerous studies aimed at studying the effect of coronavirus, the consequences of infection have been determined. So, according to the findings of scientists, patients have a significantly higher chance of developing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. In addition, schizophrenia develops in some cases.

It is worth noting the scale of the study by Brazilian specialists: 60 scientists from the University of São Paulo, the University of Rio de Janeiro and the Brazilian National Laboratory of Biological Sciences took part in the study of the consequences of coronavirus infection.

To date, it is reliably known about the effect of the virus on the brain, but there is no exact description of the negative impact of Covid-19. Experts believe that the coronavirus causes the death of neurons, that is, brain cells.

Absolutely all patients are in danger, even those who have suffered a mild illness or are generally asymptomatic. The death of neurons occurs due to a lack of oxygen concentration: its level drops significantly, which causes significant damage to the brain.

Previously, serious changes in the cerebral cortex were recorded only in hospitalized patients. Today it is determined that the consequences are relevant for all categories of citizens. Coronavirus directly affects astrocytes – these are cells involved in feeding neurons and maintaining connections between them. Sometimes the lesions are so significant that certain parts of the brain atrophy. In some patients, the areas that are responsible for mood changes are disrupted.

Frequent symptoms that persist even after healing are headaches, decreased mental capacity, lethargy, loss of taste and smell. You should not be happy if the disease proceeds almost without symptoms: damage to the brain will still be caused.

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October 28, 2020

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