Covid-19 mutations delay vaccine release: Chinese scientists give a clear answer

New Chinese research has calmed the entire world. It was found that regularly occurring mutations of the coronavirus do not affect the development of a vaccine against this infection.

The research results were announced by Tian Baogo from the Ministry of Science and Technology of the PRC. Chinese scientists are constantly monitoring the modifications of the coronavirus. Now databases store almost 150 thousand genome sequences of this virus, which were collected in a hundred different parts of the world.

Scientists compared 80 thousand variants of the virus genome sequences, thanks to which it was precisely established that the changes in the coronavirus are so insignificant that they cannot affect the yield of vaccines. All mutations were within normal limits.

Today it is known that there are ten variants of vaccines being developed by different countries of the world. All funds are focused on the S-protein of the virus, which was stable in all mutations. If some protein changes did occur, they were not sufficient to nullify the effectiveness of the vaccines. When the formulations pass all the necessary tests, they will be able to neutralize both current forms of coronavirus and future ones.

Recently, experts from the Francis Crick Institute discussed a mutation, the essence of which was to change the spines of the coronavirus. As a result, it became much easier for the virus to enter the body, and the antibodies of the human immune system began to recognize the strain worse.

The vaccines will see the light of day around the beginning of 2021. In a few months, the virus will definitely not be able to mutate to such an extent that the compounds are ineffective.

By Cindy
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October 27, 2020

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