Women suffer less from coronavirus: scientists explain why

A new survey found that women are more concerned about maintaining quarantine measures than men: they are more likely to wear a mask and keep a meter and a half distance.

The survey was conducted by the Bocconi University (Italy). In women, as it turned out, the risk of contracting coronavirus is much lower. The research was carried out in several stages in a number of large countries: Australia, Austria, France, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, Great Britain, and the USA. 59% of women consider the virus to be dangerous, so for their own safety they wear masks and follow other recommendations of experts.

As for men, only 49% are worried about their health. Women were also more obedient in terms of agreeing with government policies regarding behavior in public places.

Men and women have many differences in behavior, which ultimately affect the safety of their environment. For example, men are not used to coughing on the elbow so as not to endanger others.

Different behaviors were observed both among single people and among married couples. Women tend to be more concerned about what is happening.

Interestingly, American experts recognized the female sex as more resistant to coronavirus due to the increased presence of T-lymphocytes. This type of white blood cell makes the immune system stronger: the body recognizes viruses better and destroys them. Even older women have this feature. In men, the activity of T-cells is weaker, with age, it is practically reduced to zero.

By Cindy
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October 26, 2020

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