Scientists called the fastest way of COVID-19 transmission

Scientists concluded that singing promotes not only COVID-19, but other viruses’ transmission. The reason is aerosol particles and droplets that people breathe out while singing.

Thus, singing is the worst thing a person can do for the environment. There are a lot of cases when the COVID-19 was transmitted through the choirs singing. Some countries even prohibited public events. It is worth to note that there were no experiments conducted on how many drops enter the air during singing.

A Swedish group of scientists conducted a study with the help of 20 infected singers. The volunteers wore a special air suit that was filled with clean air. They were analyzed during breathing, communication and singing with the protective mask and without it.

They concluded that the highest number of droplets enter the air during the singing. The louder was singing – the higher was number. Some droplets were so big that they could fly a couple of tens of centimeters, while others could hover in the air. The protective mask was able to retain the droplets, but the singers can’t wear it during their performance.

By Cindy
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October 25, 2020

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