COVID-19 destroys brain: new symptoms

Recent studies showed that there are more negative coronavirus consequences than scientists thought. Thus, scientists announced “fog” in the head as a new symptom of brain destruction.

Acute infection obstructs critical thinking. The virus is able to damage neurons and provoke inflammations which leads to neurological diseases.

Some scientists believe that if these symptoms are long-term or constant, people will face different social and economical difficulties. Scientists made up a team to study the influence of COVID-19 on human’s brain in online. The team is looking for 50 infected volunteers.

They plan to take tests in the form of games to assess brain function, for example: memory, concentration and the ability to solve various problems. This information will help to reveal how the disease affected the brain.

Thus, there are a lot of possible negative COVID-19 consequences which are still unknown.

By Cindy
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October 21, 2020

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