14 subtle signs you’re in a healthy relationship

Recently, the media has been talking more and more about the signs of toxic relationships – which, of course, is useful and important. A much nicer thread appeared on Reddit: @ 2020Chapter asked what actions and gestures show that you have a good and healthy relationship. The discussion expanded to more than 10 thousand comments – the most popular answers were collected.

  1. You are comfortable when you are silent alone with each other
  2. If you both hate some household chores, you do it together. My ex-husband just hated folding dried laundry, as I did. But it had to be done – so we always did it together. This makes the matter less unpleasant.
  3. It doesn’t matter how angry you are at a loved one at a particular moment – you will still make every effort to help if he needs it. I may be pissed as hell, but I will aggressively cook my wife her favorite dinner even if I don’t want to eat myself. No matter how annoyed we are (it usually doesn’t last long, but everyone has it), we never try to sabotage our relationship or try to turn it into a lesson for each other. As a rule, everything ends with mutual apologies. Arguments and irritations are inevitable in any relationship, but what separates a healthy relationship from a toxic one is how both partners behave in the process.
  4. Support in achieving each other’s goals, even if it means that you will have to meet at a distance for some time, or your work schedules will not coincide, or any other obstacles that may appear in your relationship because of this decision. You will not deter a person from achieving his dream and help him achieve it if possible.
  5. When you are driving somewhere for a long time and sitting behind the wheel, and your partner from time to time feeds you or gives you coffee through a straw so that you can recuperate without being distracted from the road. It seems to me that this is a very simple and at the same time cute gesture.
  6. Understanding that you can discuss something that could escalate into an argument – and do not fear that this will end your relationship. It’s a very healthy thing to understand that you don’t agree with your partner on everything, discuss these things and resolve conflicts without feeling that everything is at stake.
  7. When a partner takes criticism from you seriously, and does not immediately try to turn it in your direction. If this can be said about both of you, such a relationship has every chance to last a long time.
  8. You like the person you become in this relationship. We behave differently around different people, and if you don’t like the way you behave around your loved one, most likely you have something to work on. The loved one should transform you into the best version of themselves.
  9. The ability to hear, not just listen. Comment on what you are saying, give advice if needed, and generally be involved in the conversation. Bonus: the same ability, but during an argument. When a person tries not to win, but to understand the problem
  10. You remember and respect each other’s taste preferences and allergies
  11. When your partner remembers little things and does something for you that you didn’t even ask for. For example, I like to eat with a small fork, not a regular fork (it seems like a fork for fruit or cake). And when we set the table, my boyfriend never forgets to put the right fork next to my plate.
  12. You recommend a book, movie or TV series – and the person really reads or watches it
  13. It’s about the little things that you do to please each other, without expecting or demanding anything in return. A couple of months ago, I had a terrible day, I wrote to my boyfriend in general terms what had happened, and he said to stop by after work. I arrive, open the door, and my dog ​​jumps on me. He agreed with my parents to pick up my dog, because he felt that it would please me, and told me to go to the sofa and hug her while he cooks dinner for us. Then I realized that this is my man
  14. When a person tries to make time for you. Let’s say I have a super busy schedule. I can still find 10 seconds to reply to a message. Obviously, I still need to eat, and I can invite you to dine together. I can call while I’m driving somewhere. It kills me when people use “I was too busy” as an argument. So you’re not even trying to find a few seconds to focus on your relationship? At the same time, we all know that you take your phone with you even to the toilet.

What do you consider to be a sign of a healthy relationship? Let us know in the comments!

By Cindy
October 21, 2020

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