7 reasons why you don’t get calls after your first date

This does not mean that you did something wrong.

It seems to you that the meeting went well and a spark has definitely flashed between you. But a day passes, the second, the third, and the person does not call, does not write, and does not manifest himself in any way. There are several reasons why this is happening.

  1. A person has a very busy life

A deadline at work, health problems, a long trip – but you never know what else takes your new friend’s time. If a person has a favorite business, hobbies, family and friends, it can be difficult for him to find time and energy for correspondence or meeting. And this is not always a bad thing: people who live a busy life are less inclined to make a cult out of relationships, arrange dramas and become dependent on a partner.

  1. She doesn’t want to intrude

For example, the person decided that the date was not going well and that you are not interested in continuing the relationship. This can happen if, for example:

  • You behaved stiffly, distracted, did not keep up the conversation.
  • The person has low self-esteem, and it seems to him that no one likes him at all.
  • He is afraid of being rejected.
  • And the person may also think that you should take the first step.
  1. She doesn’t need a relationship

Not everyone dreams of a family or a regular partner. Someone goes on dates to find a passion for one time or just while away Friday night in pleasant company. And there are also those who are excited by flirting in itself, and everything that may follow it is not so interesting anymore. If the new passion does not write or call you after the meeting, perhaps she really does not want a relationship at all.

  1. The person was just being polite

It only seems to you that the date went well and there was a “chemistry” between you and your acquaintance. On his part, everything is not so rosy: perhaps he simply skillfully “held his face” and was afraid to show what he felt so as not to offend you. After all, in fact, he did not really like you.

But if you’re sure you didn’t do or said anything hurtful, don’t even think to blame yourself for the other person’s behavior. People can easily disagree in their sympathies, and this is normal.

  1. She needs time to think.

Some people find it easy to sort out their feelings, while others need time for the impressions of the meeting to “settle down”. Perhaps your new partner falls into the second category. Sometimes this is even good: the person approaches the relationship responsibly, is afraid to give you false hope and wants to be sure that he is interested in you.

  1. You don’t suit each other

At first everything was peaceful, but during the meeting it suddenly became clear that you have fundamentally different political views. Or attitude towards family and children. Or even eating habits – say, one of you is an implacable vegan, while the other considers it a whim and thinks that lunch without meat is not lunch at all.

In a word, it turned out that you categorically do not agree on some important issues for you. And this can be a serious hindrance to the relationship.

  1. The person has lost your contacts

In the modern world, this is almost impossible. But if you did not meet on the Internet and exchanged only phone numbers, there is a small chance that the person has lost this number. Let’s say you crashed your phone or accidentally erased your call history.

Whatever the reason for the silence, you will not lose anything if you get in touch yourself. If the person is not in the mood to communicate with you, you will quickly understand this. And if he actually lost your contacts, he will be grateful for the first step.

By Cindy
October 20, 2020

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