People who have had coronavirus told about the terrible consequences of the disease

The worst thing about the disease, as it turned out, is not fever or muscle pain, but mental problems. According to Australian filmmaker Mirabai Nicholson-Mikkellar, she faced “brain fog.” Mental work is now too difficult for a woman.

Quite a few patients report a cognitive decline. The term “brain fog” itself does not quite describe what the patients experience. So, thinking is completely paralyzed, people cannot clearly analyze the situation and draw any conclusions. Mental activity has become not only unproductive, but also takes too much energy, Mirabay said. The consequences are terrible, it is impossible to avoid them.

A 36-year-old woman can no longer work more than a few hours a day. Sometimes the strength is so little that you want to lie on the sofa and just watch TV. The memory has deteriorated so much that it is very difficult to remember the shopping list. It also became a problem to maintain this or that conversation and to express their thoughts in writing. According to the woman, she now simply exists, and does not live a full life.

Earlier, doctors and scientists said that people may experience a breakdown and decrease in brain activity for several months. There is nothing you can do about it, you just have to wait. The proportion of patients with cognitive impairment is approximately 20%. The complaints of people are similar to those that appear with a concussion. There are also common points with chronic fatigue syndrome.

So far, no one has conducted research on brain activity after coronavirus infection, so all statements are based on the testimony of those who have been ill.

By Cindy
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October 19, 2020

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