China was concealing information about the COVID-19: new document was revealed

The Hebei Province Epidemic Prevention Team confirmed the concealment. This time, the team showed the internal document, developed for cities and districts.

The concealment passed on 4 different levels:

  1. Health workers underestimated the real number of infected
  2. Residential communities also underestimated the infected people to receive status of “epidemic-free district”
  3. People was practicing self-treatment at home to save money
  4. The authorities didn’t update the information in time trying to receive “zero growth”

The disclosed document also said that the authorities have to combine this information and to analyze hidden data. The authorities prohibited to discuss the pandemic. All photos, videos and collecting information was prohibited. The disclosure of this information even within the family was prohibited. A special punishment was provided.

Other countries were ready to check all the information themselves but China banned the entry. As the result, all evidence were eliminated.

By Cindy
In Other
October 18, 2020

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