Bill Gates named the drug that cured Trump in a couple of days

Not so long ago, there was news that Donald Trump caught the coronavirus. Imagine the surprise of the people when the head of state got back on his feet a few days later. According to Bill Gates, the president was treated with a “cocktail” of antiviral antibodies.

Trump said that everyone in the United States can get an effective remedy for free when diagnosing an infection. It is important to note that the drug has not yet received all the necessary regulatory approvals, but this will happen very soon. Bill Gates noted the effectiveness of the remedy, it can significantly reduce deaths from Covid-19.

Now the drug is being tested on patients, no side effects have been noticed. Trump was able to quickly return to his duties.

Monoclonal antibodies are created in laboratories and are elements that mimic the antibodies of the immune system to fight off viruses and unwanted bacteria. Scientists believe that the drug can be used simultaneously for prevention and treatment. The product will temporarily replace the vaccine.

Bill Gates believes that a good vaccine can really return people to their old life, but this will not happen until the end of next year. The complete destruction of the virus will take about three years. Bill Gates also approved British and Chinese vaccines: the approach to their development is fully justified. The only “but” is testing. Western states devote a lot of time to this important stage, so the demand for their product will be much higher.

By Cindy
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October 15, 2020

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