11 reasons not to worry if you haven’t found your soul mate before thirty

Being single as an adult has more benefits than it seems.

  1. You have not lowered your own standards for the sake of public expectations

Particularly tactless relatives may have already said about you: “I would have found myself someone as long as you can touch.” But compromises should be sought when the relationship is in full swing, and not when choosing a soul mate. As long as you do not lower the bar (within reasonable limits) for a potential partner, you still have a chance to meet someone who is right for you and be with him because you are happy, not because it is time.

  1. Nobody limits your financial freedom
    Financial freedom

You can manage your money as you see fit. There is no one to reproach that you scrupulously save every penny or spend your entire salary on something important to you, be it online courses, games, or shoes.

  1. You learned a lot about people and understood what kind of person you need

You hardly realized at birth what qualities your partner should have. You have to analyze what kind of people you are comfortable with, what is annoying in their behavior and what you cannot resist. And in any research, the wider the sample, the more accurate the result.

With age, the circle of acquaintances increases, and with it the chance of finding a person with whom you will live happily ever after.

  1. You have time to become the best version of yourself.

Relationships can stimulate your development, or they can slow it down. And it is almost impossible to calculate this in advance. You’ve had the time, motivation, and resources to craft the best version of yourself. And if that didn’t work out, at least you can’t blame your partner for it.

  1. You can do sexual experiments

Not all crazy sexual fantasies people are ready to carry to bed with a regular partner, and that’s okay. Many ideas in the head look much more attractive than they actually are, and can cause a different spectrum of feelings after implementation – from guilt and shame to disgust and disgust. Therefore, some things are better to try outside of a serious relationship.

  1. No one stands between you and your hobbies

If you’ve managed your lonely evenings well, you’ve had time to try out different hobbies and figure out which activities bring you joy. You could go on night raids in a computer game, go to dances, and make costumes for cosplay festivals without other people’s attacks.

  1. You can travel

Without a couple, you are easy-going: you do not need to agree on vacations, make compromises, take into account other people’s expectations. Alone, you are a very enthusiastic travel acquaintance. And planning your travel budget is much easier: you only need to account for the expenses for one person.

  1. You choose who to communicate with

You do not need to find a common language with other people’s friends and relatives. And on long weekends, you can visit your parents without setting any priority or arguing about whose home to go to.

  1. It will be easier for you to leave negative relationships.

You are an accomplished person with your own capital, opinions and boundaries. You have everything, and you are ready to be with someone for the sake of his personal qualities, and not the functions that he performs. Even if your upcoming relationship isn’t happy, you can get out of it with minimal loss.

This opportunity is deprived of many of those who started a serious relationship early. Having moved from the parental home to a common nest with a partner, they simply did not learn to be alone and are very afraid of it.

  1. You’ve had time to consider if parenting is right for you.

You could jump into a relationship at a young age and just repeat the parenting scenario. But you had time to take an adult look at the family in which you grew up, to think about whether you want to live the same way, perhaps to work out the nuances with a psychologist. Now you are ready to build relationships the way you want, and not the way your parents are.

  1. Your friends are limited to one uncomfortable question

Almost everyone goes through a cycle of tactless questions. It all starts with “When will you marry?”, Then “When will the child appear?”, Then “When is the second?”. So far, only the first of them torments you, and you probably learned to ignore the question or come up with some witty answers.

By Cindy
October 15, 2020

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