In the near future, a new pandemic may join the coronavirus

In the spring of this year, Bill Gates said in another interview that the second wave of coronavirus is not the only one that people will face. A real bio-terrorist attack will happen, intentionally and purposefully.

Bill Gates is not clairvoyant, but at the same time he somehow managed to predict the coronavirus pandemic back in 2017 and many other events. For example, the introduction of “health passports” in Britain and the introduction of a special chip with the vaccine to confirm vaccination (developments in this regard are already underway).

On October 2, Glinda Lomax also decided to share her prediction, who since the 1990s has told many stories from the future. In a new vision, the fortune teller saw a plague that will begin to kill before the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. Someone will spray the virus in warm, mild weather in a crowded place. Perhaps this will be an area where it is always warm.

Those who are sick will immediately manifest themselves: there will be deep ulcers on their body, with which it will not be possible to live long (on average, three days). The virus will be artificial. They will release him as a sign of accusing someone of something. Unfortunately, there is no information in which at least part of the world to expect a bio-attack.

Glinda is a reliable source as more than one of her predictions, including the coronavirus, have come true. If you correlate the words of Bill Gates and Glinda, you can come to the conclusion that the world will face anthrax. It is not a viral disease, but a bacterial disease, but Glinda is not a medic to know such details. In terms of symptoms, it all comes down to this disease, which is often used by the military.

We have no choice but to wait. Perhaps, after a while, details of a future bio-attack will appear.

By Cindy
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October 14, 2020

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