Why the COVID-19 affects everyone differently: the doctor gave a clear answer

Everyone has long known that the consequences of coronavirus infection for each individual can be radically different. Someone will need artificial ventilation of the lungs, and someone will not know at all that he is sick, since the only symptoms are a runny nose. The doctor told why this is happening.

The doctor noted that a different reaction is observed absolutely for any disease, not only for the coronavirus. It’s all about the immunity of people. So, for example, one person with pneumonia goes to the hospital, while another carries everything on his feet, swallowing pills.

The course of the disease no longer depends on the microorganism, but on the macroorganism. Why are older people at risk? Because they, as a rule, always have a whole list of other diseases, moreover, chronic somatic ones. The coronavirus affects many organs, but the respiratory and cardiovascular systems are most affected. The heart of weakened people is unable to withstand the stress. Also, with age, the immune system is significantly weakened, the body is not able to fight serious diseases. A common cold becomes a real test for him.

Young people may have diabetes mellitus, rheumatism, endocrine diseases. They affect the course of coronavirus infection. From the foregoing, it follows that the state of the body during an illness depends on chronic diseases, age and human immunity.

By Cindy
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October 12, 2020

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