The second wave of Covid-19 will be stronger than the first: scientists presented a disappointing forecast

In the near future, a second wave of Covid-19 is expected around the world, which, according to scientists, will be larger and more deadly. Experts have made an unsatisfactory forecast for European countries.

The new wave of the pandemic was modeled by experts from France, Italy and Denmark, together with the mathematician Giacomo Caccia, who works at the Claude Bernard University (Lyon). According to the findings, the next wave has already started in 10 European countries back in July. It will last until January 2021. The number of cases will significantly exceed previous figures.

Each country has different factors that contribute to the spread of the virus. First of all, the impact is exerted by the severity of the measures taken during the quarantine period. Another decisive factor is the number of active routes within and outside the country. In each state, the peak will occur at different times. In France and Norway, for example, in late September, in Italy in mid-October, in Finland in late October, in Great Britain in early November, and in Switzerland only in January.

To survive the next quarantine without a hospital stay, you should adhere to a social distance, monitor local foci of infection and always wear a mask in crowded places.

Scientists noted that the model is relevant only at the present time. Over time, depending on many external factors, it can be adjusted. The forecasts will help the authorities better prepare for the coming social and economic challenges.

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October 10, 2020

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