Particularly contagious COVID-19 mutation spreads across the United States

Almost a year ago, the world was faced with a new virus against which Russia has already managed to present a ready-made vaccine. The problem is that the virus is constantly improving, new dangerous mutations appear. US residents have already begun to face the more contagious coronavirus.

Scientists analyzed the passengers on the Houston subway and were horrified. Several thousand tests came back positive. Moreover, most people were infected with a new strain, which is much easier to catch the usual form of Covid-19.

Just one change in the spike protein of the virus leads to the fact that the number of virus cells entering the lungs increases significantly. The only good news is that the symptoms remain the same in severity. A person may not know that he is sick, but only have, for example, a runny nose.

Jim Masser, who works in the Department of Pathology and Genomic Medicine at Houston Methodist Hospital, noted that the study examined 5,000 samples of the virus. Dr. David Perce of the Department of Health further stated that virus mutations are normal. They happen every time a copy of a virus is made in an infected cell.

Coronavirus research explains why people get the flu every year and have to get vaccinated every year. The more people become infected with Covid-19, the more mutations of this strain will appear. There is no question of any herd immunity. So far, the only way out is to comply with quarantine measures and wait for a vaccine.

Previously, scientists said that the coronavirus will stay with a person forever and become a seasonal disease. If this prediction comes true, then every year people will need to get vaccinated not only against the flu.

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October 9, 2020

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