China begins to vaccinate against COVID-19, not tested

To date, there is no vaccine against coronavirus tested by specialists in the world. Despite this, Chinese officials have begun to actively vaccinate many people. However, the testing process was skipped.

Three vaccines, which are the main candidates in the fight against coronavirus, have begun to be administered to government employees, government officials, and employees of companies that make vaccines. It is currently unknown how many people in China have been vaccinated. The Sinopharm Group, which is in the final stages of testing the main vaccine, said hundreds of thousands of people have been vaccinated to date. Sinovac Biotech announced that 10,000 people were vaccinated. Some time ago it became known that at the beginning of autumn, almost 3 thousand employees of Sinovac Biotech, along with their families, were also vaccinated.

Before going on sale, the vaccine must go through several stages of testing. Due to this, specialists will be able to make sure not only of its effectiveness, but also of its safety.

WHO has provided data indicating that approximately 165 vaccines are currently under development. 26 vaccines are in clinical trials. Six main candidates are already completing the final round of testing. Three of the six vaccines were developed by Chinese scientists.

It is worth noting that no other country has begun introducing untested vaccines to humans on such a large scale. Unverified vaccinations can cause dire consequences or serious complications. People who have been vaccinated voluntarily must be monitored by specialists without fail.

By Cindy
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October 6, 2020

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