The rule of three dates

Let’s talk about how to behave properly on dates. Where to invite the girl? What do we have to do? How to present yourself?

Are you ready to listen? Let’s go then!

Why exactly three dates? One is too little for decency. If you pull five or more, then you are a brake.

There are three stages of conquering a girl:

  1. Acquaintance.
  2. Rapprochement.
  3. Sex.

At each stage, you need to complete certain tasks. We will equate this stage with a date. You must have a goal. You don’t have to go on a date and go with the flow. You need to clearly know what to do.

Everything is like in the game: passed the first level – moved to the second, passed the second – moved to the third, okay?

How to pose yourself.

Your positioning with the girl is important. The result of your behavior will be the category in which the young lady will define you.

In which groups of men can a girl identify:

  1. Familiar. If you screw up and stop being interested in her, you will remain acquaintances who just say hello when they meet.
  2. Friend. If dates go without rapprochement, without seduction, you will remain a friend to her, just a close person with whom she will not sleep.
  3. Lover. She will sleep with you, but without any perspective.
  4. Guy. You can easily go from a lover to a guy if you make it clear that you want a relationship with this girl. I think this is exactly the category you would like to fall into. To do this, you need to pump yourself up and do what I teach.
  5. Sponsor. If you spend money on a young lady, give gifts, but do not seduce her, then only your money will remain interesting for her. You think that you will surprise her with your wealth. And for a girl, it looks like an attempt to buy her.

It depends on your behavior and on how you will position yourself, in which category you will fall.

Your tasks are in three stages:

  1. First stage:

Don’t mess up, don’t make all these mistakes.

Find out information about it, understand whether it is interesting, adequate or not. And tell a little about yourself, but leave her interested in learning even more.

Show your adequacy. Make it clear that you are not a maniac, not a moron, and you can be trusted.

Practice. Treat every date and every new girl like a workout. This will reduce the significance of the event for you.

  1. Second stage:

Place her to yourself. Find the right atmosphere, the right conversation topics and use your charisma.
Climb into her intimate area. This will test how close you are to her. If she reacts positively, then the young lady can already be taken to her home.

  1. Third stage:

If you did it at the second stage, then your task at the third stage will be to excite the girl, climb into her intimate zone and stay there.

By Cindy
October 4, 2020

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