What to do if a girl doesn’t want a relationship

A woman may say she doesn’t want a relationship. And not for any specific reason, but simply “because.”

And don’t take seriously “I have too much work right now” or “I am still in my past relationship.” These are all excuses. The reason is different. Why doesn’t a girl really want a relationship? What if a girl doesn’t want a relationship? Spit on everything and not meet or turn on the guy mode and achieve her?

What if a girl doesn’t want a relationship:

  1. What is the reason that she does not want a relationship?

If a girl says she doesn’t want a relationship, she’s lying. Yes, yes, that’s exactly how it is.

All girls want to be taken to the cinema, held tightly to their chest, to tell their girlfriends about surprises. She will be happy to meet with someone who really hooks her.

Now the bad news: it’s not you. This is what she means when she says that she does not want them in general. You didn’t become this guy, you didn’t interest her in yourself. Therefore, an excuse was used, even if she believed in it.

Yes, you can argue. That it is really hard for her now. She suffered a terrible loss (ex-boyfriend, cat, favorite gloves). And it takes her a long time to come to terms. A comfortable position and an excuse to do nothing.

There is a great option. You don’t need to keep communicating. Just forget about her. Pay attention to others. Will save you from all troubles.

  1. What if you already have something?

She stated that she does not want a relationship, it is not yet time. This could have been preceded by anything: a walk, dinner, or even sex. But she thwarted your attempt at romance.

The worst thing you can do is keep communicating with her. It seems to you that you are doing everything right. You try to impress, amaze and charm her. But she sees the following: she refused to consider you as a man, and you are still available.

This is the way to the friend zone.

  1. You cannot force.

The main mistake guys make is that they start stalking a woman.

Understandably, it is not easy to come to terms with this state of affairs. Therefore, they begin to do everything to leave the friend zone. They become intrusive and sticky.
What should be done? First of all, explain to yourself that all is not lost. You have many other options.

It is with this attitude that you can begin to take action to conquer the girl.

  1. Stop worrying about what she thinks.

Stop thinking about what’s on her mind. Get in the habit of not going over different outcomes of events in your head. Simplify the situation for yourself. Be that as it may, the main person in your life is yourself.

Therefore, you should only care about what you personally feel. Based on your feelings and emotions, your behavior should be formed. A woman keenly feels your mood and notices all the hidden signals of behavior. How you feel is paramount.

Your self-confidence, resilience and originality will determine which group you are in: potential friends or men.

Relax and accept that she needs you as a friend. Take care of yourself, have fun, have fun and do not limit yourself in communication with other women.

You can’t:

  • send her messages every day;
  • share your “feelings”;
  • asking her when she is ready for a relationship;
  • pay too much attention to her;
  • press on her.

What then you can?

  1. Make friends with her friends.

No one has such a strong influence on her as her friends. Therefore, one of your goals is to make friends with her friend.

If you suddenly find yourself at the same party, try to get to know her friend better. Chat with her, show your best side.

You can use this useful acquaintance for another purpose. She will see how much attention you pay to her friend and may become unconsciously jealous.

There is a chance that she will have a fear of missing you. It will also get worse if a friend starts telling her how awesome you are.

  1. Let events develop gradually.

I understand how difficult it is to force yourself to be patient and learn to wait.

So, if she’s not ready for a serious relationship, build a frivolous one. Start dating her on an irregular basis without determining your status.

The goal is to give her the impression that she doesn’t owe you anything. That she’s still free and dating you just like that.

After calling her a couple of times, wait for the next time she does it herself. Don’t try to talk to her about relationships.

The essence of this method is that over time, she will begin to get used to your meetings and become attached to you. And this leads directly to a permanent relationship.

  1. Set a time frame.

This does not always work. Therefore, you must determine for yourself the time frame during which you are ready to continue to achieve it.

If you haven’t invested, put up with it. Most likely, the point is really in her. Then give her freedom.

You have no right to waste a lot of your time on something that cannot be fixed right now. It is likely that on the next street you will meet a woman who is ready to build a relationship with you.

If a girl told you that she does not want a relationship, know that this is not always true and not necessarily forever. Try to find out what really lies behind these words.

If you do everything right, you will see that you have every chance of becoming her boyfriend.

By Cindy
October 3, 2020

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