Scientists sound the alarm over new threat from coronavirus pandemic

Quarantine obliges citizens to stay at home. It would seem that such measures should only be beneficial, but no matter how it is: people massively began to face obesity.

It is important to note that obesity is a consequence of many factors. Extra pounds come when a person is faced with stress, anxiety about the economic crisis and a sedentary lifestyle. All this leads to the fact that a person begins to eat more: when a person chews something, the brain sends special calming signals. This is due to the fact that a person eats when nothing threatens him.

Quarantine was supposed to be a measure that would preserve the health of citizens. Unfortunately, not all people have benefited from restrictions. The authorities do not fully understand the danger of the situation. Extra pounds pose a serious threat to the human body. Obesity can even become chronic, then no treatment will guarantee the result.

According to the study, many people compensated for their experiences and mental insecurity with food and alcohol. The crisis caused the choice of not the highest quality products, which are often more high in calories.

Scientists urged countries to develop a comprehensive strategy to prevent the spread of the virus, rather than resorting to questionable measures that undermine the economy and the health of citizens. So far, it is difficult to do anything without a vaccine. It is known about nine developments, the effectiveness and safety of which are being studied. At least some of the vaccines should have a positive effect. At the moment, the treatment of coronavirus is carried out with drugs developed for completely other infectious diseases, so doctors cannot guarantee a complete recovery even in a month.

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October 2, 2020

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