How to protect yourself from female manipulation?

Do you still think that your woman does not use tricky little tricks and manipulations on you?

Just as you love to make all decisions on your own, young ladies love to quietly and almost imperceptibly adjust them for themselves.

Each has a supply of body movements and female manipulations with which we achieve what we want. Minded men even manage not to notice the red rag that their wives have been waving with for many years right under their noses.

Do you think yours is not like that? Does she always speak directly? Do not make me laugh. The manipulator girl will never let her go.

How to respond to female manipulation and protect yourself from them?

  1. Complaints.

If a girl is looking for sympathy and asks for advice, that’s one thing.

Some, however, manage to end the complaint with a hint. No shoes match the new dress. And makes a sad face, looks into the eyes and waits. Waiting for words that you will gladly buy new ones.

What’s funny is that many women don’t even have to voice the request. They veil her so that men, out of a desire to be heroes, themselves offer what the young lady has in mind.

What to do? Don’t argue with her. If you don’t mind doing her whims, then be a hero. If against, listen and have pity. Advise how to be. But that’s all.

  1. Resentment.

The reason for resentment can be even the smallest. And only you will be to blame for her eyes. She had already taken a victim position.

If you are guilty only in her head, then insult is a thirst for attention. Also, a young lady in this way can try to impose something on you that she wants.

Ask directly what the matter is. But be prepared to hear that you are slow-witted and indifferent. You may also stumble upon persistent silence. This is also a common type of manipulation.

What to do? Don’t run to the flower shop, of course. Talk to her calmly, bring her to clean water. Explain that she is exaggerating the problem, calm down. Some girls even calm down on their own over time. If she stubbornly keeps silent, say yes, I am dull. Until you explain what the matter is, the problem will not be solved.

  1. You don’t love me.

Another popular female manipulation. The reluctance to fulfill her whims ends with the phrase that you do not love her. And, of course, the need to prove the opposite.

How? She is ready to talk about this for hours and even show pictures. You are required, most likely, to just pay for this list.

What to do? A checklist can help you here. You can remember the important and global that you did for her. Which is a manifestation of love. You can put forward requests in response that will prove her love for you. You can also take these accusations with humor. She will not claim that she was serious.

  1. Flattery.

The most subtle manipulation. Because it’s nice.

Telling how kind and generous you are with her, she will beg you to buy her another unnecessary dress. Saying that you are insanely sexy will convince you to choose a shirt you don’t like. Reminding you that you have golden hands, he will ask you to repair the bracelet for two hours, saving on the jeweler.

What to do? Give the argument that you are also smart and adequate, in addition to everything. Aloud, weigh her proposal and prove that your solution to the problem is much better. Win the battle of the titans for common sense.

  1. Blackmail.

The best blackmailers are always close people. They are the ones who know all our weak points. Her phrases like “If .. then …” are most likely manipulation.

“If you stay late at work, I will start to think that you have a mistress.” “If you don’t give me a phone for the New Year, I’ll be very disappointed.” “If you go to a bar with friends, I will worry all evening.”

And then she can start and complain and be offended. Let him get rid of the illusion that you can be put on a chain.

Blackmail can even go as far as threats to break off relations (a completely radical method). But remember that if a woman gives up on you so easily, you don’t need her.

What to do? To say frankly that such manipulations cannot penetrate you. You are free to do what you see fit. You are man. All. She stopped immediately.

  1. “A real man.”

In the performance of young ladies, this is manipulation. She will put two hundred qualities into it, and it will never happen again.

If she tries to get what she wants from you, but gets rejected, she can use a poignant phrase about “a real man.” Don’t be fooled. Yes, you will be hooked that she reproaches you and compares you with her ideal. But these are just words.

What to do? Defend yourself. If you are not a man, why is she next to you? She chose you, she is your woman. Such reproaches humiliate not only you, but also her. Directly ask her not to use a phrase that is unpleasant to you. And you don’t have to prove anything.

  1. Provocations.

Sometimes women are provoked to check the inner core.

More often, the subconscious itself pushes them to make sure that there is a strong personality nearby.

To piss off, ask a risky question about the past, become capricious. There is a lot they can do to just watch your reaction.

What to do? If you understand what is happening, act like a man. Wants to see your dark side? Demonstrate and remind you that this behavior makes you angry. Asking unpleasant things? You do not want and will not talk about such topics. Naughty and making scenes? Make it clear that you will not tolerate this behavior.

Protection against female manipulation

Calm down. Be confident in yourself, don’t mumble. Do not follow a whim, just to be left alone. Stand up for your opinions and principles. Otherwise, the girl will endlessly try to pull the strings.

Closed technique:

  • Ignore it. Listen to her, but don’t react. The universal problems she describes are really little things. Tell me about it and calm down.
  • Change the subject of the conversation. Let’s understand that her manipulations do not work and do not affect you at all. So you didn’t give in.
  • Use non-verbal. Look her straight in the eyes, don’t stoop, don’t lower your head. Look confident, it will slow down her tantrums.

Active technique:

  • Convince her frankly that you will not follow her whims. Forbid to behave like that in your society.
  • Ask the right questions. Such as what she wants from you. Either she will back down, or she will openly make a request. You will save time and nerves.
  • Learn to refuse and say no to her. I talked in detail about how to do this correctly in an article on how to get a girl to invest in you.
  • Turn on the guy and do only what you really want. If you have learned to recognize manipulations, you can easily bypass them. It is also a good way to understand what a woman wants. You will be able to fulfill the whims and make her happier. If you want to resist, stand your ground and argue your decision.
By Cindy
October 2, 2020

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