What does a woman want from a man

Any man asked this question at least once in his life: what does a woman want?

We love to hint. Keep back. To be offended by outright nonsense, understandable only to us. Thinking up the names of your children and mentally booking a room in the most expensive hotel in the Maldives, where your honeymoon will definitely take place.

Yes, women are complex creatures. Still, you can understand psychology, predict desires, understand women and answer the question “What do women love?”

We all know the phrase that a woman loves with her ears. If you admire her, love her and talk about it, part of your success is guaranteed.

So, I will open the veil to you in the female world and give you some advice on how to become the best of men in her eyes.

What women want and love:

  1. Love and other romance

Remember, even if you are an inveterate cynic to the core, she must think that love is almost the main feeling in your life.

Remember: from childhood she grew up on fairy tales like Cinderella and The Little Mermaid. Then I watched the so-called encyclopedia of women’s wisdom “Sex and the City.” After parting with another guy, she plunged into the world of “Bridget Jones”.

In fact, women want to be hired – without persuasion, tackling, or anything else. Do not ask, do not whine, do not humiliate yourself.

  1. Marriage

Take this as an axiom: any girl wants to get married. Even if now she is building a super career, and there are 2 cats waiting for her at home.

You have to let her know what the woman expects from you? Most thoughts revolve around the ring and the altar.

Perhaps after such conversations, the topic of marriage will not be raised for a very long time. After all, she will mentally put you a tick that you really take her seriously. Therefore, you can breathe out for a while.

  1. Children.

Of course you love children. The main thing is to repeat it often, and she will really believe.

Be touched by the little ones in the malls, talk about your little nephews, and it will melt. Just don’t overdo it. And then he will decide that you want a child now.

  1. Honesty

Tell her how important honesty is in your life. That you despise all these wretched hypocrites who lie at every turn. That this is one of the most important values ​​in your life.

Believe me, such words are the first step towards her trust. She will understand that you can trust, that you can share something intimate with you, that you have certain life principles, which are also very important for her.

  1. Respect

All these feminists have long lost themselves in the illusory struggle for women’s rights. But all the same, it is incredibly important for each of them to know that the man respects her. That he considers her equal.

In short, women are people too. She wants to hear it from you. That you consider her a person, an independent unit, that you respect her choice and her decisions.

Show some examples of respect for a woman: give her a seat on public transport, open the door for her – all these things that you yourself know are very important to her.

  1. Money

Even if she tells you that financial security for her is almost in last place, she still evaluates you in this regard.

Money is important to women. This is how she defines for herself an alpha male. A man who knows how to make money is a strong man.

So show her your material independence, talk about your successes at work, talk about upcoming projects. It is not necessary for seduction.

So we got the perfect man.

By Cindy
October 1, 2020

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