The fastest and most precise COVID-19 test was created

Scientist created the fastest and most precise COVID-19 test. It shows the result 20 minutes after the beginning of the test.

Test was called Cov2-ID. It can show three viral targets, by which it analyzes the state of the body in short period of time. The first tests showed that it has one hundred percent precision.

Today, the majority of test systems face two main problems: the time of analysis and the precision of the result. As a rule, the most precise tests study the sample for several hours, and fast tests are more likely to show false positive or false negative result.

Tests have to identify the infected people precisely and do it as fast as it possible in order to prevent further infection. Our system assumes that we will get the result in 20 minutes – says the scientist.

Such system may be used not only in laboratories but also in public places such as railway stations, airports, schools and offices.   

By Cindy
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October 1, 2020

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