Why women abandon their men

Breaking up is always unpleasant. But what to do when you are not leaving, but you? Conquer a new fantastic young lady, of course!

If you did not end the relationship, then now the ex is sitting calm, like a boa constrictor. It would seem that the only reason a girl can decide to take such a step is the lack of love.

I hasten to disappoint you. Women have many reasons to end a relationship. And she can continue to love you, but at the same time quit.

Do you think that the notorious female logic is to blame? Not at all. Just try to find the reason in yourself first.

  1. You don’t pay attention to her.

It is very important for a girl to be in the first place, and not somewhere between work and the next meeting with friends. It is important for her to know that you will definitely spend your free time with her.

Naturally, you must have your own life. But at the same time, personal life should not suffer. At first, a girl can endure for a long time, comforting herself with hopes. But in the end, she will look for someone for whom she will be more important.

  1. You are not taking the initiative.

She decides for herself where you spend this weekend, where you go on vacation, what you will give your mom for the anniversary. She literally directs all the processes of your life together, and you are not very opposed to this.

Yes, it is this position that drives you into a dead corner. The fact that it is convenient for you to live this way and go with the flow is the position of a beta male or female. Girls don’t want to make all decisions for two. They need a man’s reliable shoulder next to them.

You just have to take the initiative, because you are in charge. I’m talking about important decisions now, not what you will eat for dinner today. As soon as the girl sees that she decides everything, then she ceases to understand that there is a man nearby.

  1. You earn little.

I know what you’re thinking. That all women are mercantile. Of course, there is a category of girls for whom money is everything. If you chose the wrong one, then it’s you. Just any girl wants peace and comfort.

She doesn’t want to think about where to get the money to pay the rent, go to a restaurant or buy herself something. She thinks that since she is in a long relationship, then a man takes on this mission.

Here another factor is of great importance: the girl always thinks that if you have a child, will you have enough money to support him?

To put it bluntly, a girl always thinks in perspective and worries about two.

  1. You cheated on her.

You cheated and she found out about it? Do you really expect that nothing will change after that?

Even if she initially forgave you, it still doesn’t mean anything. Not the fact that she will be able to survive your betrayal.

A mass of complexes is instantly born in it. She begins to think what is wrong with her, to consider herself unattractive and so on. And she will stop trusting you.

Could you yourself be able to live with these feelings?

  1. You do not satisfy her in sex.

More precisely, it is difficult to call what is happening with you sex. Rather, it is about doing a duty every two weeks. Due to sexual dissatisfaction, girls become nervous hysterics.

Even if you absolutely do not have enough time, you get too tired at work, this should not affect your sex life. The girl will start to think that she no longer attracts you.

After some time she will get tired of it, and she will leave you. Or go to treason.

You must remember that there are two people involved in sex. And if one is good, and the second is not very good, then this is not entirely correct. Therefore, there is only one way out: you always need to talk, discuss what someone likes and how to fix the situation. Only this will save your relationship from death.

  1. You constantly control her.

You definitely need to know what time she will come home, with whom she spends her time and where she is at that moment. You demand that she always inform you in everything.

In fact, this relationship is more like a boss-subordinate relationship than a man and a woman. You need to understand that a girl is not your thing. It does not belong to you, and you cannot dispose of it as you please.

If you constantly press on her and always demand something, don’t expect it to end with a happy ending. In order for her to reach out to you and obey you, you need to be the right leader.

  1. You are irresponsible.

It is very important for a girl that a man in a relationship takes on some of her problems. Because she can cope with everything herself without the presence of a man in life.

A girl doesn’t have to do everything herself. Moreover, it should not solve your and your common problems.

There are women who themselves rip the reins of government out of our hands. First, it kind of lets you relax, solving all your problems. And then she accuses her of not being satisfied with it.

Believe me, if you take responsibility for you, then nothing terrible will happen. Your best masculine qualities will wake up in you and self-confidence will appear, and this is worth a lot.

  1. You’re too jealous.

The reason for the emergence of control, by the way. You check her social media while she sleeps. You read the messages on her phone, look at the list of calls. You don’t let her hang out with male friends.

You yourself pick her up from all meetings, or you say that without you she simply will not go anywhere.

Many guys think that a girl would be pleased if she showed her jealousy so openly. Well, you need to see the boundaries of reason.

Ultimately you have to decide whether you trust her or not. If so, leave her alone. Otherwise, one day she will get tired, and your relationship will end.

  1. You have different views on life.

When you first met, you had common goals, similar hobbies. And you looked at life in approximately the same direction.

After a while, you relax and stop giving your best. If before, for example, you went to the gym three times a week, now you spend this time at the computer. After all, she already likes your body, why try?

A huge number of such changes can follow, this is a very common phenomenon. At some point, the girl realizes that you are at the beginning of your relationship and you are now two different people. She realizes that she has little in common with you now.

  1. You are not ready for something more serious.

When you’ve been together for several years, the next logical step for a girl would be to start a family. Even if she never dreamed of a wedding and children, at some point it will become the norm for her.

And it’s not about the stamp in the passport. And the fact that she perceives it as a serious step on your part. If you’re not ready to do it, why waste your life on you?

If you understand that in the near future you are unlikely to be ripe for such a step, then it is much better to just honestly admit it. Let her decide for herself whether to stay with you or leave.

By Cindy
September 30, 2020

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