Your mistakes in relationships

It is likely that you think that the relationship is already an unrealistic achievement. Sometimes you give her a bouquet of three roses, resigned to the fact that her toothbrush and comb remained in your house, take her to the movies and on walks and think that you are giving your best.

I want to upset you, a relationship is the same job as the one you do in your office. If you want something normal to turn out, work. There is no other way to save anything.

What kind of men make mistakes in relationships with girls?

If you don’t want to work, then accept the fact that sooner or later she will send you, not forgetting to colorfully describe what an asshole you are. Therefore, I will tell you about the mistakes of men in relations with women. It’s up to you to remember them and try not to repeat them.

Mistakes of men in relationships:

  1. You are indecisive

At first you hesitated to call her for a week. Then, babbling something unintelligible, you called her out on a date. After that, for a month I puzzled over whether you need all this at all or not.

I’ll tell you this – forget all your complexes, because girls feel them a mile away. Decide for yourself what you want, and when you decide, then act without postponing anything for later.

Even if you think this girl is too tough for you, take a chance. Come to her and speak. Perhaps she will blow you away. But maybe not. The point is, you never know for sure unless you take action.

Girls don’t like slobber. And if you don’t initially show her that fear and indecision are not about you at all, then forget about relationships in principle.

  1. Unbridled jealousy.

To be jealous of someone at the age of 17 and to arrange Italian passions – then it seemed like romance to you.

But when an adult, self-sufficient man throws tantrums and arranges scenes of jealousy with checking her mobile phone, it smells of some kind of infantilism and self-doubt.

Of course, any woman is pleased when she is jealous. But in everything there must be a measure and a line. When you look paranoid, follow her on social media, check your contact list and browsing history on your laptop, then you evoke nothing but pity.

Here you sit and feel sorry for yourself while she is with someone who does not look like a little hysterical girl.

  1. Whining and complaining.

This is the nastiest thing that can be. Either the crisis, now all the goats, then no one appreciates me and blah blah blah. Shut up, you are a man and you are the one who solves issues and problems.

If you can’t do this, change your sex and become a girl. Yes, you can share some experiences with her, but you have to do it so rarely that it never occurs to her that you are a disgusting whiner.

You don’t need to blame everyone for your failures, the crisis happened not only for you. And while others use it as a ground for new beginnings, you sit and whine.

  1. You are not interested in her affairs and her life.

You think that in order to talk about shit, she has friends with whom she can chat on the phone for three hours straight. She builds a relationship with you, but she complains, discusses problems and shares her experiences with someone else.

It is very important for any woman to understand that her boyfriend takes an active part in her life, is interested in her affairs, and helps to solve minor problems. Then she feels needed and desired.

Nobody tells you to stupidly shift all responsibility onto yourself and live her life. But at least take the trouble to pretend that you are really interested in knowing what is going on with her.

Do not be a selfish nerd who always talks about himself, otherwise one day you will receive a response from her, and then you can count on nothing else.

  1. You don’t appreciate her actions.

A lot of men quickly get used to what a woman does for them. But she doesn’t have to do it to you.

Yes, we can say that she is a wife and at least for this reason she should. No, she, like you, wants to do, wants – no. Do not forget that she ironing your shirts, cooking for you, and so on.

Very often you don’t appreciate it when it is. And when not, you begin to understand. Just as you love to repeat that you don’t owe her anything, remember that she doesn’t owe you anything either.

Once you understand this, you will see how much she does for you and for your relationship. It is very important not to leave this unnoticed, but to simply say “thank you”. Then she will want to do a hundred times more for you. Efforts are minimal, but what a cool result.

  1. You control her life.

If you don’t trust her, why are you dating her? Agree, when you say that you are going to a meeting with your friends, the last thing you want to hear is the next questions about how many people will be there, whether there will be women with you, where you will be and exactly what time you will arrive home. All this stuff is terribly tiring.

Then why did you decide that you have the right to pester her with such things? Even though you are in a relationship, she is still a free person who has the right to her privacy. All control from lack of confidence, either in yourself or in her.

Solve these problems or get rid of the relationship with the person you don’t trust.

  1. Do not invest in relationships.

A lot of men believe that relationships are a woman’s topic, and do not want to invest in it. In fact, relationships are the hardest part.

Building harmonious relationships is a long-term and colossal job. The work of two people. Don’t be familiar with it, friend.

If you see your future with her and want to build a normal relationship, and not just have sex several times a week, then do something for this. The game with only one goal has never ended in anything good, so if you want a relationship – invest in them. It’s simple.

By Cindy
September 27, 2020

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