Signs that your relationship is over

I’m 100% sure that most of you haven’t even asked that question. After all, for men everything is simple: there is a relationship, which means there are no problems.

Yes, very often you do not understand the hints and alarm calls that your significant other gives us. When you get bored of something, you just get up and leave, rarely explaining the reasons. Because what’s the point of explaining if at one moment you just got sick of everything.

You don’t want to be around this woman anymore. You absolutely do not care what happens in her life.

If you want to figure it out, in this article I will talk more about parting. How to understand and hear yourself and her. Today I will give 5 universal signs.

A relationship is over if:

  1. Constant removal of the brain.

She criticizes your every action, word, movement. Sometimes you think that the way you breathe can make her angry.

Late at work? Get hysterical for dinner! Do you spend the weekend with your friends, not with her? What a goat you are! Did your ex write to you? All natural disasters will seem like a toy to you compared to what you should expect from your girlfriend.

In this case, it is foolish to try to change or fix something. There is a special category of women who are only engaged in what the brain can tolerate with or without. You just take it and leave if you considered something in it that did not work before.

  1. You don’t care what happens in her life.

You seem to be together, but everyone lives in their own parallel reality. I think, back in school, you studied geometry, that parallel lines never intersect.

But now you don’t need to say in your own defense that all men are complete egoists. I know this without you. But since you have taken responsibility for this girl, then, be kind, carry her to the end, or just say goodbye.

  1. She pisses you off.

If before you thought it was cute how she eats pasta, and now she freezes her face stained with tomato sauce, everything is gone.

Did you find her very funny in a robe and a bun? Does she now remind you of a scary and disgusting housewife? Outbursts of irritation are inherent in everyone. But, if you see that such garbage is happening on an ongoing basis, then something went wrong.

Maybe the reason is you. Or maybe your relationship is over.

  1. Habit or all because you are so comfortable.

You yourself understand that nothing really binds you anymore. But as soon as you imagine that you need to achieve someone again, go on dates, it terrifies you.

You have conquered yours for a long time, she does not need to prove anything, she does not need to be surprised and impressed. She’s not bad at cooking, ironing your shirts and doing general cleaning.

Only now there are no more feelings in this, only one habit and consumer attitude remain. Why do many men live with their mothers for so long? Because, in fact, the mother performs all the same functions, and finding girls for sex in some cheap club is not a problem.

Admitting to yourself that you are dating your girlfriend only for convenience and habit is to get out of your comfort zone and start doing something again.

  1. Sex? What is this?

You can’t remember the last time you had sex. But even that is not scary. The scary thing is that you don’t remember when you wanted your girlfriend.

It no longer arouses any sexual attraction in you. A relationship without sex is a pathetic excuse for a relationship, it’s a relationship impotence, if you will. If you no longer want your girlfriend, then part with her, because there is no sex – there is no relationship. And you can’t argue with that.

By Cindy
September 26, 2020

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