If you want the girls to like you, stop smiling

Hooray! It’s much easier than going to the gym and pumping up abs.

Of course, everyone likes different people, the concept of attractiveness is very individual. Nevertheless, we spend days and hours (okay, minutes and seconds, rather) in the gym trying to change our appearance for the better.

So, scientists have proved that in order to please women, you can make much less effort. Spoiler alert: just stop smiling.

Researchers at the Jagiellonian University College of Medicine were puzzled by the goal of finding out how a woman’s fertility is related to the manifestation of the “dark triad” in men.

“Dark triad”, let’s explain just in case, is a psychological term meaning a combination of such qualities as Machiavellianism (tendency to manipulate), narcissism (overt narcissism) and psychopathy (antisocial behavior and ruthlessness).

It turned out that most women are invariably attracted to men of a narcissistic nature, whose external manifestation is a stern and unapproachable facial expression.

Apparently, the girls are subconsciously convinced that a successful person is an arrogant harsh person. (Therefore, a girl is usually surprised when she learns that the arrogant, stern man from whom she gave birth to a child is just a simple crane operator.)

That is, if you want to interest a girl, do not break into a smile, but frown. And change that photo in Tinder where you swim with a dolphin and laugh.

By Cindy
September 21, 2020

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