Coronavirus can stay with us forever: expert predictions

The experts made a statement that shocked many. They began to talk about the fact that the coronavirus could not be defeated. Scientists added that the virus has become too contagious and spreads very quickly. Even if it is possible to stop the pandemic, the disease will not disappear anywhere. As evidence of their theory, experts cite examples of those countries where the coronavirus was practically defeated, and then new outbreaks of infection followed.

The statement also said that with the help of the vaccine it would be possible only to slow down the spread of the disease, but not to eliminate it completely. The experts added that today there are many vaccines for different viruses, but only smallpox was completely defeated.

In 2002, the SARS coronavirus was spreading and it was only possible to stop it in 2004. Then the patients were isolated and all their contacts were monitored. But there is a huge difference between the virus and the coronavirus that caused the pandemic. Modern disease has a higher infectivity rate and is very often carried without any symptoms.

Researcher Jonathan Grad suggested that there may be several options for the spread of the coronavirus in the future. If the immunity of those who have been ill will last only a few months, then after the end of the pandemic, outbreaks will occur every year, but small. If immunity lasts for a couple of years, then outbreaks will be even rarer. The sooner the immunity ends, the more difficult it will be to fight the coronavirus.

In addition, experts began to worry that the coronavirus could be transmitted to animals and begin to spread among them. In this case, the number of infections will increase tenfold again and it will be almost impossible to stop the virus.

By Cindy
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September 21, 2020

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