China has eliminated all traces of COVID-19: it is now impossible to find out the origin of the virus

Yuen Kwok-Jung, a microbiologist at the University of Hong Kong, said that China quickly took measures to cover up the coronavirus, as a result of which it is now impossible to find out its real origin: all traces and evidence have been destroyed.

The professor shared highly classified information as part of the Panorama: Concealing Coronavirus in China program. On January 12, Yuen Kwok-Jung diagnosed a family from Shenzhen (900 km from Wuhan) with the new coronavirus. The specialist immediately sent information to Beijing, but the reaction followed only on the 20th: the authorities finally announced that the virus was contagious.

According to the doctor, the authorities wanted to withhold information, but it did not work out, so they had to spread everything. When the professor came to the Huanan market, it was empty: all the counters were “cleaned”, the evidence was destroyed. Even then, it was impossible to find out the carrier of the virus.

In January, authorities punished several doctors who tried to publicize the new virus and epidemic. For a long time, China ignored the WHO and scientists who tried to find out the real information about the danger of the disease. The answers came only at the end of January, when it was already impossible to hide. The people who then tried to go against censorship are gone. They disappeared in an instant.

Dr. Li Wenliang tried to educate people about the danger, but could not. As a result, he himself became infected and died. People rioted on the web. Internet censors quickly took action, portraying the man as a “martyr.” The people calmed down.

If not for the censorship of Beijing, the epidemic could have been prevented by 95%. In the period from December 23 to January 2, China had to openly declare the problem, then the spread of the disease would have proceeded in a completely different scenario.

By Cindy
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September 18, 2020

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