The end of the world: is the coronavirus the predicted “Plague” in the Book of Revelations?

Before the end of the world, an epidemic or plague will spread across the planet, say absolutely all Christians who have read one of the Biblical chapters – the Book of Revelations. Could the plague predicted in the Bible actually be the coronavirus that is raging around the world today? Today, almost 16.5 million people have already been infected, and more than 600 thousand have died from complications of the coronavirus.

The disease caused panic and fear of the Apocalypse, which is described in great detail in the Christian Bible. Conspiracy theorists as well as Christian evangelicals are confident that there is an obvious link between the Book of Revelation and the coronavirus. It is worth noting that it is in this chapter of the Bible that the end of the world is described, as well as the Second Coming of the Savior.

In the most recent chapters, there are four horsemen who will be sent to Earth in four different directions to destroy large enough areas. One of the riders is called “Pestilence” or “Plague”, which speaks of terrible diseases, epidemics and even pandemics, before which modern medicine will be powerless. Many are scared of what is happening today. In addition to the coronavirus, some countries suffer from terrible floods, others from locust attacks, some more are beginning to experience quite strong earthquakes and so on.

But not everyone thinks that the coronavirus has anything to do with the Bible. Skeptics are confident that today humanity is dealing with a controlled epidemic that is under someone’s control. It is not possible to say exactly what the coronavirus really is, the precursor to the end of the world or someone’s carefully thought-out plan. It remains only to wait for what will happen next and hope for the best.

By Cindy
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September 16, 2020

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